Monday, July 12, 2010

Happy Birthday, Lennis!

Yes, it's true. Lennis turned 50 recently. We had a special family birthday dinner for him--fried chicken, his favorite!

There are really 50 candles on this cake!

Pup, Lennis and Eli. I love this picture because this is their most natural state...pup sitting next to Lennis, Lennis with his camera, and Eli investigating stuff!

Gotta love Code's hat! I LOVE these two!

Moo and Lou, fighting over the hammock.

Aunt Louise and Mr. Eli

Mommy is helping Eli water the flowers!

Eli can't decide between the doggies and the wading pool!

Eli 'riding' Blue!

This was such a fun day! We had yummy food. We sat around in the yard and talked, and laughed at Eli. Lennis took pictures, Micah and Lyndsie wrestled in the hammock, Eli played naked in the wading pool...I LOVE MY LIFE!

Happy Birthday, Lennis! Can I keep you?

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