Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Photo Shoot in West Yellowstone

Micah had the opportunity to do a photo shoot in West Yellowstone this last weekend for Ski Doo. It was super fun. There was a ton of snow and it was very cold! Dad took this picture of Mom and Micah at Yellowstone National Park Entrance.

We stopped in Idaho Falls to see the temple.
This is where Lennis & I were married!

It was soooo cold! Micah had been outside shooting and ran inside the lodge
to get warm by the fire.

The "Cool-Dude" look!

Monday, November 26, 2007


Thanksgiving Day 2007! From bottom left (next to the 7-Up), Lyndsie, Micah, Cody, AnnDee, Devon, Kate, John, Grampa, Lennis, Patty, Ian's Roommate, Ian's friend, Ian.

At this wonderful time of year, we are so thankful for family and friends! God bless you all!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Holy War!

So, this Saturday is what is known as the "Holy War". BYU and the University of Utah will face off in the famous yearly football contest. We are BYU fans! We will be attending the game, dressed in blue, cheering on our beloved Cougars! Go Cougs!
P.S. Johnny Harline is STILL open!!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Football Champs!

Micah's 6th Grade Football Team won their playoff game this week. They beat Lone Peak, a team they had previously never defeated. The final score was 12-7. They played with so much heart, it was great to see them win.

This Saturday, Nov 3rd at 1:00pm they play for the championship, in a game called The Super Bowl. The game will be at Lehi High School. The kids worked so hard this year, and have had a very successful season. It has been so fun to watch them progress and really gel as a team. Look out, these kids are for real!

Spencer (#2) and Micah (#13)

Coaches Ryan, Cory & Joe

Micah and Spencer

Monday, October 22, 2007

Micah turns 12!

Micah had a birthday! He turned 12 years old, quite the young man now. He chose to go with his friend, Spencer Romney, to Boondock's for his birthday. Micah was ordained a deacon on October 14th and passed the sacrament for the first time yesterday, Oct 21st!
Happy Birthday, Micah!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Birthday Celebration!

Last weekend we celebrated three family birthdays by going to dinner! Cody turned 22 on Sept 24th, Micah turned 12 on Oct 5th, and Patty turns old on Oct 10th. We had such a fun time.

Micah enjoys eating ribs, and Patty and Grampa Miner pose for a sweet picture.

Lyndsie and Cody had fun, but they ordered the same meal, and then neither one of them ate it all....hum

Devon and AnnDee enjoy their close-up. The whole gang poses, except Ian, who is too busy eating!

Friday, October 5, 2007

PGHS Homecoming 2007

Recently, PGHS held their Homecoming Dance. Lyndsie went with a group of friends. She had a great time. They all went to Kid's Universe (a gymnastics gym) for their day date, and played on all the equipment, mats, and foam pits. They even set up an obstacle course and had a contest. They enjoyed dinner, the dance, and a silly video made by the boys. Yea for high school!

Monday, October 1, 2007

Ian Bikes Through Canada with John & Kate

For most of the month of August, Ian had the opportunity to bicycle through Canada
with John & Kate. They peddled about 750 miles. It was quite the experience!

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