Monday, February 8, 2010

Berlin, the Musical

Berlin, The Musical

Before Ian left for his mission, he had the wonderful experience of one year of college at BYU. He auditioned and was accepted into the MDT Program (Music, Dance, Theater). The kids in the program had the opportunity to work with Erik Orton, playwriter and former BYU student, in his musical, Berlin. In conjunction with the LDS Motion Picture Studio, the play was filmed and has been shown several times on KBYU. We saw the production when it was being filmed. Recently the production was shown at the LDS Film Festival, at the Scera Theater in Orem. Ian has been in Brazil on his mission for 16 months. To watch him on the 'big' screen after not seeing him for that long was a very emotional experience for me.

The soundtrack was just released and is available on itunes! What a fun thing for a mom who is missing her son, to hear him sing on a professional recording!

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This is what he is doing now... As all missionary moms know, I miss this boy so much. BUT, I wouldn't want him to be anywhere else in the world! I am proud of you, son!