Thursday, March 20, 2008

30th Birthday Celebration for Patty's work!

This is the Bean Life Science Museum on the campus of BYU. Patty works here and has been busy helping plan the 30th Anniversary Celebration which takes place next week, March 24-29. There are free activities held all week long--a great activity for families and friends. Click on the link to see the Museum website with details of the celebration!!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Basketball Champs!!

Micah played 6th grade Junior Jazz basketball this year. They had the best coach ever, Neal Watters! They went undefeated this year. They had to win the semi-final game in double overtime--it was a tough game. They won the final game by two points! It was a great season, even though Micah broke his foot half way through the season, while rebounding. The foot healed very fast, and Micah was able to play in the semi-final and final games!! Congrats boys!
Pleasant Grove 6th Grade Basketball Champions!
Grampa and Patty enjoy a moment after the game. Notice the lovely trophy!
Friends Chandler and Lee with Micah (center) after receiving their trophies.