Tuesday, January 8, 2008


This is Nauvoo, Illinois. This is where Ian will get to spend the summer! He auditioned for and was chosen as a Young Performing Missionary (YPM) for the LDS Church. He, along with 19 other guys & gals will learn and perform several programs for the entertainment of the tourists who visit. They sing, dance, act, and play instruments. They have big productions, street productions, and even a program by the river. It will be quite the experience for him. They will perform about 3-5 times a day..enough to keep them very busy. He is very excited to go!

Since Ian will be in Nauvoo this summer, we are planning a family trip to visit Nauvoo and the temple (picture above). We want to see the YPM's in action! Also, we have forebearers who helped settle and lived in Nauvoo. We hope to see where they lived.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Christmas 2007!

Ian shows great form while sledding on Christmas Day!
AnnDee and Micah showing off their sledding smiles!

Micah and Devon getting ready to biff it good.

Hinks playing in the snow.

Tally having a Christmas afternoon snooze.

Blue the Christmas Doggie!

AnnDee and Micah play Dance, Dance Revolution...watch out "Dancing with the Stars"!

The family poses (minus Devon-who is taking the picture) on Christmas morning.

It is tradition to take a picture in front of the tree on Christmas morning before opening presents. Not sure what Ian is thinking...good posture maybe?!