Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Police!

On Saturday, Micah and I went to the BYU-UCLA football blow-out (oops, I mean game), and met up with Devon and AnnDee. After, Micah got a tour of Devon's police cruiser!

Devon and AnnDee!
AnnDee and Patty sporting our white visors. Devon is in the background checking out his cute wife!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Labor Day Family Reunion Camping!

This past Labor Day Weekend, Patty's extended family held a reunion in the beautiful mountains at Bennion Creek. We had over 60 people in attendance and food enough for 100! It was a wonderful time, even with the rain!

Eric and Patty helping with our authentic Mexican Dinner.

Tess & Lyndsie doing hair! Carrie & Eric

Lori & Brian

Uncle Ron poses for this picture while Tyler concentrates on something!

Lyndsie & Micah

Aunt Shirley and Ian

Tyler and his wonderful Mom!